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Comfortable walking trousers that you make yourself never looked so great!


It’s that time of year when the summery weather’s making life blissful for those of us who like to get outdoors. Although, if you have […]

No Boo-Hoo with Boho Trousers from Sew Red Edge

boho-cut –and-sew-trouser-pack

Bohemian (or Boho for short) is a term that’s used in the fashion world to describe a particular style or pattern that’s laid back, avant-garde, […]

Cut and sew trousers, just add thread!


This month, we want to take the opportunity to look at the reasons why Sew Red Edge trousers are different from any other brand. Ethics […]

Sew Red Edge Gives Lancashire Ice Cream Company a Cool New Look

Sew-Red-Edge- Commissions

When we’re not busy designing our fantastic range of sew-it-yourself ladies trousers, we like to turn our hands to all things creative. For example, some […]

Home sewn quality trousers from Sew Red Edge


If you’re already planning your spring or summer holiday in the UK or abroad, have you checked to see whether your wardrobe is holiday ready? […]

Teach a man to sew with our easy walk through video

Safe Trails & New Horizons: Teaching Sewing for Life Perhaps some of our Sew Red Edge followers have at one time or another come across […]

Jean Genius: Rediscovering the Beauty of Denim


Denim accessories never looked so pretty till now! The ubiquitous textile of contemporary times, a day without denim would be a strange day indeed! Tough-wearing […]

Streamline Your Wardrobe This New Year; Only The Best Will Do!


Clutter is a common problem in households across the UK. We seem to accumulate too many possessions and they start to get in our way, […]

Get Sewing In 2016!


First sewing projects can make or break our early sewing aspirations and some of us fall at the first hurdle. This blogger recalls sharing a […]

Can’t Make Do? Then Make It Brand New!


Have you ever struggled to part with an aged item of clothing once so perfect, so comfortable, so special to you over the years, that […]