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No Boo-Hoo with Boho Trousers from Sew Red Edge

1 June 2016
boho-cut –and-sew-trouser-pack

Bohemian (or Boho for short) is a term that’s used in the fashion world to describe a particular style or pattern that’s laid back, avant-garde, original, and slightly reminiscent of the 70s hippy era. It’s also the name of one of our most popular designs in our range of women’s trousers, and when you order your Boho cut and sew trouser pack, you’ll find that making your own stylish and original clothes has never been easier.

Our Boho fabric design

Just like people who enjoy a Bohemian lifestyle, the pattern we’ve created for our Boho cut and sew trouser pack is eclectic and very artistic, combining birds, exotic flowers, jewels, and paisley shapes that result in a timeless and sophisticated fabric, which looks as good dressed up as it does dressed down.

Colour-wise, you’ll find viridians (blue-green), brick reds, burnt umbers (reddish-brown), and rich ochres (deep yellow/orange and brown). Viridian, umber, and ochre are all natural earth pigments, which perfectly encapsulate the nature-loving hippy influences behind our Boho cut and sew trouser pack.

Sew Red Edge trousers – not just for sewing pros

If Boho sounds like the ideal style for your spring/summer wardrobe, then you should definitely become a fan of Sew Red Edge.

Even if you’ve never picked up a needle let alone handled a sewing machine in your life, there’s nothing to stop you making your first outfit with a little help from Sew Red Edge. In fact, our Boho cut and sew trouser pack is ideal for beginners (although home sewers of all levels will love making them too).

This is because our print placement packs are a totally different concept from the sewing patterns you buy online or in sewing shops as they take all the frustration out of the process of putting your garment together. Perhaps, you’ve tried to make your own clothes before but gave up before even stitching the first hem due to the complexity of the instructions? If so, you’re not alone! Many people find it hard to calculate how much or which type of fabric to buy, and the same goes for purchasing the right pattern. Then, there’s the faff of cutting out and pinning bits of tissue paper or thin paper onto your chosen material, and making sure your scissors don’t go askew as you tentatively make those vital cuts. Finally, when it comes to putting the different pieces of fabric together, if you have trouble distinguishing the right side from the wrong side, you could end up wasting hours of hard work when you have to unpick and rectify your mistake.

With our print placement packs, you simply cut and sew. There’s no need to cut out patterns as the fabric comes pre-marked to make creating your Boho trousers both simple and a whole lot of fun. We’ve put considerable effort into ensuring that as many people as possible can enjoy our trousers (N.B. our sizes – Small, Medium, and Large – cater for Sizes 8 through to 20 and you can choose from either regular or long length). So, no matter what shape or size you are, you’ll look and feel fabulous, as well as extremely comfortable while you’re lounging at the pool or walking through the Spanish hills enjoying the sunrise.

Order your Boho cut and sew trouser pack today!

Order your Sew Red Edge print placement pack today for the very special sale price of £35.00 (including free, first-class delivery to mainland UK) instead of £39.99.

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